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ARIANNE Modern Modular Sectional Sofa


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The 60s
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Arianne by Fama is a new concept of modular that brings back the essence from the ‘60s. Its low seating creates a different atmosphere while offering an amazing comfort. It can be made with just one fabric or playing with different patterns and plains for each module. The result may be unique and awesome. A sofa designed with an active young and trendy family in mind. 

There are loads of things we love about the Arianne including:

  • It's really comfy - and great for a crowd of people!
  • For a modular sofa, it's super-easy to plan out and imagine what it would look like in your room. It's basically a series of cube shapes that you join up to give you the size and shape you want.
  • There are no hard edges so great if you've got young kids as there's really nothing for them to bash themselves on.
  • You can easily re-arrange it. Split the sections up so it's really flexible.
  • The cushions fit inside the base so if you ever want to move, it's so easy. It also makes it a brilliant sofa for getting up awkward staircases or round tight corners.
  • It can be as simple or as funky as you like. Go for all one fabric if you want something simple and stylish or let your imagination run riot and have each section made in a contrasting fabric. 
  • Frame: Lifetime Guarantee
  • Seat Suspension: 10 Years Guarantee

The Fama Arianne Sofa is designed to be a bit lower than a standard sofa. To give you an idea of how it compares to a standard sofa, the seat height of the Arianne Sofa is 13" whereas most of Fama's other sofas are around 16.5", depending on the style. But just in case you don't fancy it quite so low, Fama have thought of everything and offer an option to choose 2.5" or 4" feet.

Made in Spain by FAMA - one of the leading sofa manufacturers in Europe. Their products are present in more than 50 countries all over the world. 

Designed by Felix Lopez Gil.

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